Employee Wellness Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Employee wellness survey questions template is designed to understand the wellness preference of employees at work. This survey template is designed by experts and consists of questions that ask about personal fitness routine, preferred time for conducting wellness programs, whether employees are interested in these programs or not. This questionnaire consists of 20 questions that are a mix of demographic, fitness and wellness questions. This sample survey can be customized to suit the data that an organization wants to collect.

Employee well being is directly related to employee performance at the workplace. A recent study conducted says only 12% organizations across the globe consider employee well being a priority. You can deploy this survey template to gauge the importance of employee wellness among your workforce. The questionnaire can help you understand their overall attitude towards wellness programs and its availability. Consider this to be a test to measure interest for future programs.

Below are the questions you can use in your survey:

1. Considering your overall experience with employee wellness, how likely are you to recommend your friends or family to work with us?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
2. Is employee wellness important to you?
3. Do you follow any personal fitness regime?
4. If Yes, select all that is applicable
5. Do you often snack during the office hours?
6. Do you have a health insurance?
7. Have you had any of the following tests done in the last 6 months? Select all that is applicable.
8. Is stress from the workplace affecting your personal life?
9. Would you be interested in attending wellness programs at work?
10. How long do you think a single session of wellness program last for?
11. What are the convenient hours for you to attend the wellness program? Select all that is applicable
12. Would it be helpful if the organization provided you with healthy snacks?
13. Please select if you have any of the following conditions
14. When did you get your last physical examination?
15. Do you smoke or use any tobacco products?
16. Do you consume alcohol?
17. Please select your gender
18. Please select your ethnicity
19. Please select your age category
20. Is there anything we can do to improve employee wellness in this organization?

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